Mothers and Daughters United, Inc.     


Welcome to Mothers and Daughters United, Inc.'s official website! "Strengthening relationships through Unity, Laughter, & Love"!
We're supporting mothers and daughters in our community and providing an atmosphere of love, honor and respect.

Our mission is to promote the general welfare of mothers and daughters through the provision of educational services, health & nutritional services, parenting skills, leadership development skills, and relationship building that will strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters. We have designed our programs to build a strong foundation of mutual affection and intimacy between mothers, daughters,& sons.


Sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program and help our organization!  Go to Our NPO #72213. Thanks for your support!  Mothers and Daughters United Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Did you know that there are 2 billion moms worldwide? The US Census estimates there are 82.5 million mothers of all ages in the United States.